This guide will walk you through the Provider section in Admin.

Select "Admin" on the top and select "Providers".

The main page will display all current Active Providers for your office.
As highlighted below:

Top left: Search function by name
Top right: Sort list by Provider, Department, Inactive, or All Providers
Bottom left: PMID - This is generated automatically from the management system
Bottom right: The trophy shown as green mean you have already inputted the provider goals.(Grey means no goals have been added)

Next, click on a specific provider you would like to edit and the information box will appear.
Here you can edit :

  • Display Name
  • Department Role
  • Goals / Reappointment Percent
  • Active/Deactivated User / Update Status

Once you complete filling out these properties, hit submit. 

When you select your providers, an icon indicating how many you've selected will appear. Below in the "Selected Provider" section you will see the initials to each provider you have selected. This helps to know which providers are active and being tracked within our Platform.

All done!

Note: For any big Providers and PMIDs edits, we recommend you modify the users in the management system first. For example: A provider does not work in the office any longer.
The list will automatically update based on the change in your management system.

The next Article is "How to Edit Provider Hours" 

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