This guide will walk you through the Provider Hours section in Admin. Only Account Admins are able to access this in the "Admin" section. 

If you haven't reviewed our "How to Edit Provider Information"  article, you should before continuing. 

Begin by going to "Provider" and selecting which provider you want to manage, as shown:

Once you have selected a provider, select "Provider Hours" :

In the "Provider Hours" main page :

Top left: You have 3 options (Day, Week, and Month) where you can set up the available hours for your team members.

Middle: You have the date ranges to pick from. You are able to go back at least 6 months prior in case you need to make any changes.

Top right: This will display some information regarding the selected providers.
These numbers will update automatically when you input your provider hours and hourly goals. 

For example: We have selected 1 Doctor and 2 Hygienists and all 3 are working 8 /hrs per day Monday-Thursday.

We recommend setting up the available hours for the providers for the whole year. Then, re-adjusting later on when needed for holidays and days off by day or week section.

Begin by selecting "Month" then change the date to January (year) and select the January 1st on the calendar. See below:

*Note* The "Appointed Time" shown is automatically generated directly from your management system. If you need to change the "Appointment Hours", please do so in your management system and our software will generate the new information.

The drop down will give two options, select "Schedule Available Hours"

This is where you will input the available hour settings for the selected providers. 

This is what it will look like with the example we had:

Two things to note:

  • Only use this as a reference, we know that every office operates differently and may not be the same as this example.
  • You will get the red labels when assigning dates for a previous date frame.

Now that we just added Available Hours for those providers, let's take a look at how to remove hours for a specific day. 

Since Jan 1st is new years holiday, the office is closed and will want to remove those available hours.

Go back to that drop down on Jan 1st and click on the box "Remove Available Hours".

Pick out the desired parameters and click submit to remove the available hours.

You can also use the "Day" or "Week" option to add/remove available hours as well.
Using "Month" may be easier to work on since most schedules are managed in bulk.

If you have any questions regarding the "Provider Hours" contact us at 

The next Article is "How to Manage Users".

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