This guide will walk you through the Users section in Admin. Only Account Admins are able to access this in the "Admin" section. 

In the "Admin" view, select "Users" and on the main page select "New Users", as shown :

This will open up a user information box to fill out :

Once you have set up a new user, you'll want to assign the user to the office. This allows the user to view the practice data when they login into the Platform.

Click the check box to select the user and click "Assign Account" to select the office. Then, go to "Assign Practice" and select the office.  

"Assign Accounts" is the name that was created when your office got set up with Square Practice. (The office name can only be changed upon request)

"Assign Practice" is the office name. If you're practice has multiple locations, we will categorize it by different location. (For example: Matthews Family - New York)

That's it!

The next Article is "How to Manage Billing".

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