Square Practice is a dental practice platform that automatically syncs data from your practice management system. We provide a hassle-free solution to view dashboards designed to show key performance indicators, manage practice analytics, and prepare for daily goals.

How Square Practice works?

  • Installation: The Square Practice Integrator is installed on your practice server or workstation that remains on at the practice. 
  • Sync: The Square Practice Integrator is now connected to your practice management software and will sync with our cloud databases and services powered by Microsoft Azure in different intervals throughout the day keeping you up-to-date.
  • Account: Now that you’re connected and syncing our team will confirm the completion of the data upload and create a Square Practice Platform account for your practice. 
  • Access: Our team will create your primary users called Account Admins and will send you credentials to gain access to your account. 
  • Support: A dedicated Account Executive will guide you through the on-boarding process and will help you get started on your path to achieving your practice goals.

What can I do with Square Practice?

If you have a compatible practice management system you can use Square Practice to: 

Dental Practice Organization

No two practices or groups are set up the same way. View specific practices, departments, or providers in ways that you’d like to gain insight into your business.

  • Selections: Easily select and filter down to a specific department, provider, or date range of your choice by using our navigation menu. 
  • Save Views: Create custom views that are based on specific navigation filters (Practices, Departments, Providers, and Date Range) to quickly see data the way you want.
  • Multi-location management: Ability to view more than one practice at a time to gain an understanding of your total business as well as compare one to another. 

Dental Practice Dashboards

Reporting and number crunching can be a real drain on resources. Our automated technology does the heavy lifting to minimize your workload.

  • Dental Practice Performance: Our Performance Dashboards are designed to make your analytics and numbers meaningful. View and monitor fundamental metrics to understand the transactions that are happening throughout the day, week, month etc. within your practice. 
  • Dental Practice Goals: Our Goal Dashboards are built on the premise of having data that is actionable with very detailed information. Every Goal Dashboard has the ability to view the patient record which will provide guidance for you and your team on what steps are needed to achieve optimal results for the patient and of course the practice. 
  • Dental Practice Opportunity: Our Opportunity Dashboards focus on targeted insight to increase revenue potential for practices. Increase your visit counts by viewing specific patients needing to be in recare or completely unappointed with your practice. You can analyze unscheduled treatment by values and procedure codes to maximize your visits when reappointing.  
  • Dental Practice Procedures: Our Procedures Dashboard allows you to view your completed services by the date range you choose and see how you’re trending to the same time period previously within your practice by ADA procedure categories and specific codes. This can include any custom codes that are unique to you. This dashboard gives you the ability to compare by the following metrics procedure counts, values, and number of patients who received specific services. 
  • Dental Practice Analysis: Our Analysis Dashboards are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of your practice as it relates to industry best practices. The key performance indicators are designed with easy to understand formulas summarizing the results of your current values and comparing them to the same time period previously. View Adjusted Production, Collections Percent, Active Patients, Patient Value, and Hourly Values for each provider to highlight a few.   

Dental Patient Management 

Delivering the best patient care possible, along with diligently handling all your responsibilities for the day is your goal. Our patient level data shows you the specific information you need to maximize your time. 

  • Patient Indicators: Selecting the patient icon within our dashboards will allow you to sort and filter patients by items that are needing attention. Our indicators include AR - accounts receivable balances owed, BV - broken visits needing to be reappointed, FM - family members who are unappointed, IF - insurance funds available, RC - needing to be scheduled for a recare appointment, and TX - treatment diagnosed that remains unscheduled. 
  • Chart Check: Once a specific patient is identified within our dashboards, you will be able to select that patient and view our Chart Check feature. This allows you to view all of our patient indicators and more within one consolidated view. To view the details, simply click on any section. As an example, click “Family” to view all members of the family which gives you the opportunity to select any family member as well. 

Who uses Square Practice? 

If you work in the dental industry as a professional or administrator and have a compatible practice management system it can be a valuable solution for: 

  • Dentists and their teams who want to be aware of the numbers, prepare for daily goals, and maximize their efficiency in treating patients within their practice. 
  • Dental Multi-location Group Practices who want accurate and reliable data analyzed by individual sites and is summarized across all practices.  
  • Dental Service Organizations who want to provide their management team and practice administrators a comprehensive platform to understand trends and performance details to better understand the needs of their members. 
  • Dental Practice Management Coaches and Consultants get the tools to help coach and lead clients in areas that need improvement and celebrate the wins of the day. Sifting through manual reports and static data becomes a thing of the past. View all your clients with a single sign-on to see in real-time how they are performing by any time frame.
  • Dental Practice Service Advisors who serve dentists and their teams in areas of accounting, business solutions, finance, marketing, and transitions all need visibility into practice data to better guide and advise their clients in the direction they choose within their business development plan. Our platform provides you with comprehensive data going as far back as you need historically while we gather projected information to plan ahead for what's to come. 

What sets Square Practice apart? 

We become an extension of your dental team to help you achieve your goals using our expertise and automated dental platform. We believe in three main points of differentiation that focus on being customer centric with value and service.

1. Simple

Accomplishing our objectives to “keep things simple” starts with automation along with building a dynamic platform experience for our users that isn’t complicated. Thousands of hours have gone into developing, learning and designing from direct input from dental industry experts. We listen to our partners and customers to include only the metrics that are actionable and will help you grow.

2. Affordable

Costs are continually increasing for dental practitioners across the country and reimbursement from insurance companies are diminishing every year. We’ve optimized our system and continue to maintain a very agile approach to managing our business. Our goal in this will be to continue the use of our cloud service platform at significantly reduced prices compared to our competitors for your benefit.

3. Risk Free

Our business is truly a Software as a Service (SAAS) model with the keyword being service. We’re dedicated to bringing our solution to your practice with the best customer service with no long term service contracts. Our subscriptions are month-to-month and we will never give you hassle if you ever decide to end services. We do our best to provide you with an amazing software solution for your practice and believe our product and customer service will be enough to earn your business, not a legal formality.  

Ready to learn more?

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