Coronavirus has hit the dental industry hard, very hard. We understand that you may be scared, frustrated, and a little stir-crazy. We're in your corner and we want to help. Here are some tips to get your practice back up and running with a vengeance.

Step 1 Adjust your schedule. 

I understand that most practices don't prefer to interfere with the schedule, however, how are you going to make up the lost production from the lockdowns and see the patients that cancelled due to Coronavirus simultaneously with the patients that are in your normal schedule? In order to adjust to this unprecedented grey swan event, you'll need to make major changes to your schedule to take care of your patients, keep your business afloat, and prepare to still reach your annual goals. You will need a "start-up" mentality to get through this difficult time. You can adjust your goals and ensure your schedule is going to meet your annual goal by using the Admin section of Square Practice. 

Step 2 Reappoint Cancellations

There have been a lot of cancellations throughout the dental community these past few months. It's a circumstance that was never anticipated with an unprecedented amount of cancellations. You'll need to get those cancellations rescheduled and to do that, we have organized all of your cancellations within the Opportunity dashboard. Use the Broken Appointments dashboard to fill in open slots in your schedule. 

Step 3 Schedule Treatment

Although patients may be furloughed or even find themselves in difficult situations, they may still have dental benefits. You don't want your patients to be battling both dental health issues, as well as the flu or potentially the coronavirus. Go to the Opportunity board and view Unscheduled Treatment Opportunities to view patients with unscheduled treatment.

Step 4 Schedule Insured Unappointed Patients

Make sure your patients are fully utilizing their insurance benefits. To track these patients, go to the Opportunities board, then select the Unappointed Patients square. From there, filter the patients that have insurance by using the drop-down patient filter. 

Step 5 Schedule Uninsured Unappointed Patients

Then we move on to uninsured patients that need a future appointment. We don't want the coronavirus situation to cause extreme attrition in the next 18 months. Let's get these patients in the door and as healthy as possible. View the Unappointed Patients board in the Opportunities section, then select the appropriate filters within the drop-down patient filter to exclude patients with insurance.

In review:

  • COVID-19: Step 1 - Adjust your goals and schedule
  • COVID-19: Step 2 - Reappoint Cancellations
  • COVID-19: Step 3 - Schedule Tx
  • COVID-19: Step 4 - Schedule Insured Unappointed Patients
  • COVID-19: Step 5 - Schedule Uninsured Unappointed Patients

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