Let’s get you familiar with all of our dental practice performance dashboards. As you read this article you will gain a better understanding of where to go for certain analytics and what dashboards maybe best for you based on your job role.

Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard is a main or summary dashboard. Where you have a consolidated view of your practice’s performance. This dashboard is ideal for monitoring daily activities as they happen within your practice.

Production Dashboard 

Here you’ll be able monitor the production accomplished by each department. The production numbers shown here is your “gross” production or the total fees charged to the patient for services completed prior to any adjustments being applied. 

Note: These numbers are pulled from your management system. They can vary between practices. Some practices post the already adjusted contracted or in-network insurance fees as their gross production.

Adjustments Dashboard

Here you’ll be able to monitor adjustment transactions that are impacting practice revenue displayed by negative (credit) and positive (debit) amounts. Adjusted Production or “Net” Production will be your actual amount that can be collected once these transactions are factored into your production totals.

Collections Dashboard

Here you’ll be able to monitor collections by insurance and patients. Revealing each payment type being used to collect balances due for services completed. 

Tip: Select or search for a specific payment type within the dashboard to view it in the summary, progress, and comparison areas of the dashboard. 

Example: Select “Care Credit Payment” under Payment Types and the dashboard will analyze only that payment type.

Patients Dashboard

Here you can analyze each patient’s status by when they completed a procedure within the practice. Monitoring patient activity will show you your patient growth from patients remaining active. 

Tip: In the Calendar, select a longer date range “Last 12 months” as an example to view the results for the year while giving you a month-to-month look into the volume of patients who are completing services within the practice.

Visits Dashboard 

Here you will monitor completed visits, analyze each visit and the results. Results being if they have a future visit scheduled or leave unappointed. Monitoring this activity of visits will track your preappointing effectiveness within your practice.

Treatment Dashboard 

On this dashboard you can monitor treatment being presented. You can analyze the values associated with newly diagnosed procedures as your patients are being seen. Monitoring the results of new treatment being scheduled and then being completed. Giving you a clear picture of your treatment acceptance and completion rate.

Insurances Dashboard 

Here you’ll be able to monitor your patients base by insurance carriers. Analyzing each carrier by patient count, production completed, and patient value per carrier compared to patients with no carriers.

Tip: Search or select a specific insurance carrier i.e. “Delta” as an example within the carriers area to view your selection against all the other carriers and patients with no carrier/insurance.


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