Let’s get you familiar with all of our dental practice goal dashboards. As you read this article you will gain a better understanding of where to go for tracking your progress to goal and what dashboards maybe best for you based on your job role. Every Goal Dashboard has the ability to view the patient record which will provide guidance for you and your team on what steps are needed to achieve optimal results for the patient and of course the practice. 

Goals Dashboard

In the Goals Dashboard, you can view a consolidated analysis of all the detailed dashboards within Goals. This board is designed to show you the goals you’ve set and track your progress for each metric broken down by provider, department and patient opportunity (chart check). 

Production Dashboard

Here you’ll be able monitor the production accomplished by each department or provider. The production numbers shown here is your “gross” production or the total fees charged to the patient for services completed prior to any adjustments being applied. You can view what your goal is within the time parameters you’ve set. “Actual” is the current gross production and then the projected is based on your historical data. This allows you to track to see if you will hit your production goal. 

Note: These numbers are pulled from your management system. They can vary between practices. Some practices post the already adjusted contracted or in-network insurance fees as their gross production.

Treatment Acceptance Dashboard 

Here you can monitor your practice treatment acceptance rates including your averages. You can view this broken down by provider or department. 

Tip: You can view which patients have unscheduled treatment and the value of that treatment using the chart check.

Reappointment Percent Dashboard

Reappointment percent is analyzing your patients who have completed a visit during the time period you have selected and confirms if they’re scheduled with a future visit or not. There are two figures to determine reappointment, those patients who complete a visit that preappoint and those who don’t but end up rescheduling. Visits preappointed is the percentage of how many of your patients are completing treatment and leave your practice who are already scheduled with any type of future appointment. Visits rescheduled is the percentage of patients who are completing treatment and leave your practice without a visit in the future but end up scheduling an appointment at a later time. 

Tip: This section is an important metric for the hygiene department to review to ensure their patients are receiving the best care.

Collections Percent Dashboard

Here you can view your collections percent. Your collections percent is how much you collect from your adjusted production. You can view if you are on track to meet this goal by provider or department. 

Tip: You can view your results of this down to the day by simply clicking on any bar graph within the progress area. Most dashboards include this feature.

New Patients Dashboard

In this dashboard we are tracking how many new patients are coming into the practice. You can see the amount of patients referred in by each referral source. If you click into the referral source you can view the specific patients from that referral. You can also view how valuable each referral source is by the per patient value each.

Active Patient Growth

Coming soon!

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