Our Opportunity Dashboards focus on targeted insight to increase revenue potential for practices. Increase your visit counts by viewing specific patients needing to be in recare or completely unappointed with your practice. You can analyze unscheduled treatment by values and procedure codes to maximize your visits when reappointing.  

Opportunity Dashboard

In the Opportunity Dashboard, you can view at a glance the detailed dashboards within Opportunity. You can quickly see if you are taking advantage of the opportunity within your practice within Recare and Unscheduled Treatment Opportunity. This board is designed to show you how well you are doing at getting your patients back in the door and help you make proactive decisions based on the data available.

Recare Opportunity Dashboard

Here we will show you all the recare opportunities in your practice. You’ll see the amount of patients not scheduled for hygiene, the average hygiene appointment value and the total recare opportunity. 

Tip: In the comparison area of the dashboard you can select the patient icon to view each patient along with additional patient indicators that also need attention.

Unscheduled Tx Opportunity

Here we will show all the unscheduled treatment opportunities in your practice. You can view how many active patients aren’t scheduled for their treatment, average amount of unscheduled planned procedures and your total treatment opportunity. 

Tip: If you click on the patient icon you’ll be able to see each patient with pending treatment and filter who has the indicator IF “insurance funds available”, to narrow down patients who can schedule while those funds are still available. 

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