Your practice can make more money by:

  1. Serving more people
  2. Serving those people well

Broken appointments are important because that patient accepted that broken appointment at one point in time. Meaning they have agreed to the specific procedures attached to that appointment and the particular dollar value associated as well. They reached the golden ration in appointment setting - they associated the value they were going to receive, to the cost of the appointment.

Unless there is a drastic financial change within the household of the patient, the practice should do everything they can to get that patient to complete that appointment. In regards to how you get them in the practice, that is up to staff training, office policies and procedures. However, if you need help, we recommend reaching out to a consultant to help guide your team to success. After you get this taken care of, who do you call? This is where we come into play, we want to help with the "who" and provide automated lists, one click away to show your team who are the patients that need to reschedule a broken appointment. Don't waste your time with administrative tasks trying to get these lists together, use the power within Square Practice to automate and provide the patients that need to reschedule broken appointments.

You can view Broken Appointment by clicking on the shortcut in the Home Page or you can look at them in the Opportunity dashboard. Also, once in the Broken Appointments board, you can see which patients have other opportunity indicators like who has insurance funds available, or which patients have unappointed patients.

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